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Souq Almal

Dear Visitors, here is a good website to go through all details related to financial in UAE, it's in both languages English and Arabic, go to Souq Almal

Critical Path Method ( CPM )

Introduction to Network Analysis of Projects and CPM The Critical Path Method (CPM) is one of several related techniques for doing project planning. CPM is for projects that are made up of a number of individual "activities." If some of the activities require other activities to finish before they can start, then the project becomes a complex web of activities. CPM can help you figure out: how long your complex project will take to complete which activities are "critical," meaning that they have to be done on time or else the whole project will take longer If you put in information about the cost of each activity, and how much it costs to speed up each activity, CPM can help you figure out: whether you should try to speed up the project, and, if so, what is the least costly way to speed up the project. To Read more in detail follow below link ... CPM Link