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Download Brand Specific BIM

A MODLAR community driven, BIM question and answers forum to encourage knowledge share and troubleshooting across our member base. (If you have a question relating to our site, services or any other non-bim related query please direct these through our contact page .) Leave a BIM question for a fellow MODLAR members to answer.  Downlo ad Link  

Download the Windows 8.1 ISO using a Windows 8 key and some simple trickery

This nice try I copy it from the link you can find it at the end of this topic....... It’s great that Microsoft has made Windows 8.1 entirely free to owners of Windows 8, but unfortunately you’re limited to installing the update through the Windows Store -- unless you’re an MSDN subscriber there’s no ISO you can grab to install the operating system how and when you like. But as enterprising Reddit user redditorfor0seconds has discovered, there is a way of getting your hands on the ISO that only requires you to have a Windows 8 retail or MSDN key (but not an OEM key , apparently). It’s incredibly straightforward too, just follow these simple instructions: You’ll need to download both the Windows 8 and 8.1 installers from Microsoft . They’re 5.2Mb and 4.7MB respectively. Launch the Windows 8 installer (Windows8-Setup.exe). Enter your key when prompted and start the download process. Pause (don’t quit) the download when it hits exactly 1 percent. Exit that installer

Convert Win8 To Mac theme

Convert Win8  To  Mac theme Follow Link Below   Link

3ds Models to Revit without triangulation

export complex geometry from 3DS Max to Revit without triangulation edges. This is useful for layout, rendering, and entourage in Revit. Follow Below Link  Link

Capitalize your text

        Convert your text from small letter to Capital online free  follow link