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GROSVENOR Business Tower

Nice finishing and Architecture design in Dubai are always unique and giving the different  life style when you visit any building at Dubai, as you see down in the attached picture........ Lift lobby with nice wooden touch and hidden light ..... The fantastic elevator finishes and materials from the most famous elevators companies ........ But it reach to the pray time, i search and search for any place to do pray, when i had ask security guys they guide me to the location........ I reach basement floor, with car parking and a lot of CO2 and hot temperature, darkness and scary scene as you see with above pictures ...... And never you can believe what i found, i will let photos speak...... The place to set-down and take your shoes off to do ablution, it's some of damaged chairs donated by tenants..... Prayer room and no need to show you the interior scene....... OK guys, this is fine where we can do ablution, someone in darkness

MBBM - ceilings and walls

Dear Friends As the creative bug does not stop biting we at MBBM brings to you a very creative and high performance range of product for ceilings and walls -  HERADESIGN  from Knauf - Austria     Performance  - Can be used for walls and ceilings for sound absorption - Impact resistance - Available in lots of colour and long panels - Easy to install with concealed frames     Please find the images for reference and for any further information or samples or technical assistance please contact. Download full specification from here .............. Heradesign Best Regards Saifuddin Bharmal Architect & Bussiness Development Executive MAJID BUKATARA BLDG. MAT. LLC  BARRISOL  stretch ceilings ,  AMF mineral fiber , KNAUF  Gypsum ,  CMC Metal ceilings  & FRP  Wall panels TEL :  971 4 3476767  EXT - 105 FAX :  971 4 3476789 MOBILE :  971 50 2445466  /  0552786649 EMAIL :  /

Car parking tent

The amazing render

How is this shot ?, if you can tell us which plugins used for render, which program has been used for visualization, and what is your note. I will tell you .. this is a real still image by my cell phone.


Beijing rooftop villa faces destruction A man who built a large villa on top of a Beijing apartment block has been given 15 days to dismantle his eye-catching residence or it will be destroyed, authorities said on Tuesday (August 13). The villa and mountain of imitation rocks and plants taking shape in recent months led residents of the 26-story building to complain to the local government. Chen Yu, a deputy team leader from the Haidian District City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, told reporters on Tuesday (August 13) that he had placed an announcement on the owner's door demanding the construction be removed by August 27. "(We) have ordered that he must come under investigation within 15 days. If he doesn't show up within 15 days, and we cannot reach him, we will apply for relevant procedures from the legal affairs office of the district government in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations," Chen told journalists. When asked whethe

Do you want to know how to control your sleep time?

Sleep is divided into several phases, including REM and deep sleep. We progress through these stages in cycles, each complete cycle taking on average 90 minutes. There is huge difference about how we feel after waking up depending on the stage we are in at the moment. We feel most refreshed waking up at the top of the cycle, whereas if the alarm clock wakes us up from deep sleep, we may feel groggy and not well rested, no matter how long we slept. Using the calculator below you can calculate the right length of sleep in order to wake up right at the top of the cycle. It works best with gentle alarms, like a wake up lamp or quietly playing music. Still, if you need to be sure you won't oversleep, it's best to have a solid loud alarm (or a wake up call) set for later. Of course this is a rough estimate, but it might be worth to try; be sure to let us know in the comments if it worked for you! We'd also appreciate any tips on sleeping better, waking up early, natural sleep aid