Camtasia Studio

Use Camtasia to…

  • Record your screen to capture PowerPoint slides, software demos, webpages, and more.
  • Edit your screen recordings and camera video by cutting, splicing, and combining clips with the powerful, yet easy to use, video editor.
  • Import camera video, music, photos, and more to truly enhance your screen recordings.
  • Customize your screen recordings and videos with ready-to-use media themes, animated backgrounds, graphics, callouts, and more.
  • Create interactive videos with clickable links, table of contents, search, and more.
  • Easily share videos that your viewers can watch anywhere, on nearly any device.


Find under here with all information about this program and what can you do with Camtasia, it's amazing software to record your online courses and more.....

How Customers Use Camtasia

Every day, thousands of people around the world use Camtasia to create professional videos that train, teach, sell, and more! It's the easiest way to demonstrate a process, product, or idea.


Camtasia for Teaching


Camtasia for Business


Camtasia for Training

Teaching With Camtasia

Your Teaching, Multiplied

Camtasia provides educators with the perfect solution to easily create videos that motivate students, inform parents and enhance learning. Camtasia screen recording software is smart, quick to learn, and feature rich! Simply record your live presentations or lectures and give your students a rewind button for every lesson. This helps them learn at their own pace or catch up from an absence.  
  • Flip your classroom: create video lessons for students to watch as homework and focus on applying lessons during classroom time
  • Record your lessons so absent students don’t miss a beat
  • Add quizzes* to your videos to assess student understanding(*with Camtasia Studio only)
  • Create videos that students can watch anywhere, even on their own mobile devices

Train With Camtasia

The Smarter Way to Train

With Camtasia screen recording and video editing software, you can create interactive training and support videos that viewers can watch on nearly any device. Screencasts are quick, easy, and inexpensive to create and reproduce.
  • Don’t tell, show! Showcase your software or service in action with a video
  • Create orientation videos and training for new staff members
  • Add quizzes* to your videos to make sure viewers understand the content (*with Camtasia Studio only)
  • Show customers how to use your product with customized training videos
  • Establish an online help desk with support videos and tutorials

Camtasia for Business, Sales, Marketing

Business, Sales & Marketing
Win Over Customers With Video

Camtasia software allows you to create professional videos that clients respond to, and that they can continue to use long after your video has been shared. With Camtasia, it’s easy to create high quality videos – without formal training.
  • Create a video pitch: demonstrate software and other products and services to new and potential customers
  • Produce educational content for inbound marketing
  • Record and share sales presentations
  • Make customized video reports and presentations for clients
  • Add internal training videos into your hiring process


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