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Stretch Ceilings

  • Type:- Stretch membrane sheet with perimeter supporting trim.
  • Supplier/Installer:- Stretch Ceilings ME Limited.
  • Colour:- Specify from Stretch Ceilings colour card inc Ref. No.
  • Finish:- Matt / Satin / Lacquer / Metallic / Translucent / Perforated.
  • Sheet:- Material fire rating to be verified as complying with new euroclass standard B s1 d0 in accordance with EN13501.1 equivalent in the UK to class 'O'. 100% Recyclable, Non-toxic, Panel width before a seam join is 1.5 to 2.17m. 
  • Track sections:- Anodised Aluminium/PVC Semi-Concealed Track
  • Frame sections:- Anodised Aluminium Semi-concealed Framing section.
  • Profile:- As indicated on drawings . Shapes and forms to be within SC guidelines.
  • Support System:- Typical suspension for double rail using galvanized MF system or similar.
  • Vapour Barrier:- Sheet to be water impermeable, tested to NF EN 14716 4.1.3 equilvalent to BS3177.
Here is some of the nice stretch ceiling design/usage in different locations and zones of a lot of buildings, it become faster, lighter and more design ability.


Stretch Ceilings Specification:-
Type:- Product name: ‘Stretch Ceilings’ 
Membrane sheet with perimeter supporting trim. 
Colour:- Specify from Stretch Ceilings colour card incl Ref 
Fabric:- Matt/Satin/Lacquer/Metallic/Translucent/ 
Sheet:- Material fire rating to be verified as complying 
with new Euroclass standard B S1 d0 in 
accordance with EN13501.1 equivalent in the 
UK to Class 'O'. 100% Recyclable, Non Toxic, 
Panel width before a seam join is 1.5 to 2.17m. 
Material to be smooth not textured. 
Track sections:- Anodised Aluminium Semi-Concealed Track. 
Matt White/Black PVC Semi-Concealed Track. 
Frame sections:- Anodised Aluminium Semi-Concealed Framing 
Profile:- As indicated on drawings. 
Shapes and forms to be within SC guidelines. 
Support System:- Typical suspension for Double Rail using galvanized 
MF system or similar. 
Vapour Barrier:- Sheet to be water impermeable, tested to 
NF EN 14716 4.1.3 equivalent to BS3177. 
Dimensions:- As indicated on drawings. 
Shapes and forms to be within SC guidelines. 
Please note the above information is only applicable to the ‘Stretch Ceilings’ product. 


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