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Anti theft gates

A key consideration in security for shops is finding the balance between customer friendliness and effectiveness. On the one hand, you want to offer shoppers a welcoming, pleasant environment, and not give them the sense that they are under suspicion from the moment they walk in. On the other hand, security must be visible, because of its preventive effect.


this is a security system for shops, including chemist’s, perfumeries, clothes shops and supermarkets. The main focus in this respect is the shop experience of the customer. The security must not create any hindrances and must fit the shop interior.

Save Power and Money? .....

this technology could be used also for saving power/money......??!! how?, It can control the traffic to the shop to control the need of light, take a clothes shop, for example. During the first hour, there are usually no customers, so you set the lighting at 20%. The staff can do this as well, but they are often busy with other things. So they set the lighting straight to 100%, for the sake of convenience. That doesn't seem important, but in a chain of 400 shops, that can mean a lot of money.

there is also same Gates for books shops and libraries .....

Anti-Theft Gates is used to detect RFID tag that is equipped with EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance). It can detect the RFID tags within 1 meter range without interference of magnetic items, Upon detecting of Armed RFID tags, the alarm will sound on the gate. It has option to trigger a Camera to record patrons who trigger the alarm to the Surveillance Station. 

RFID Transponder

An RFID tag is the most important link in any RFID system. 

It has the ability to store information relating to the specific item to which they are attached, rewrite again without any requirement for contact or line of sight. Data within a tag may provide identification for an item, proof of ownership, original storage location, loan status and history.

RFID Tag consists of an integrated circuit and an antenna combined to form a transponder. RFID tags collect the energy to operate from a Radio Frequency (RF) field emitted by a reader device; therefore they do not need a battery. When energized by a radio signal from a fixed position reader or handheld scanner, the tag returns the stored information in order that the item to which it is attached can be easily located.

The chip also has a "multi-read" function, which means that several tags can be read at once.

RFID tags have been specifically designed to be affixed into library media, including books, CDs, DVDs and tapes.

It is thin, flexible and thus can be laminated between paper and plastic. With special method to attach to books, patron is totally unaware that the tag is there.

  • No line of sight needed 
  • Allows to check-out and check-in several items simultaneously 
  • Information directly attached to product 
  • Performing both identification and antitheft in one single operation 
  • Different shape and sizes available 
  • Able to tag almost anything 
  • Single technology is required for both inventory and theft management of the library.
  • Library staff are alerted immediately when un-borrowed items pass through the theft detection gates.
  • Would-be thieves are deterred by the physical presence of the gates.
  • Number of patrons passing through the gates is captured by a counter on the gates Alarm volume can be easily controlled.


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