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Spider glass - wafi center - Dubai

With constant development in science and technology, glass curtain walls are finding increasingly more applications and their structures are also experiencing great changes. Glass curtain walls have developed from singular aluminium alloy frame glass curtain walls to serialized frame-less glass curtain walls, including hanger type, hanger plus spider-fitting type and fully spider fitting type.
Fully spider fitting frame-less glass curtain walls, connect glass together in an open space using various types of light steel structures via various types of spider fitting members to form flexible and unobstructed curtain wall façade. In this way, fully spider fitted glass curtain walls not only maintain the safety of aluminium alloy frame glass curtain wall but also eliminate the disadvantages of the later in singular structure and restrictions from construction structures. As a result they are unobstructed as a whole, neat, bright and integrated with such advantages as safety, practicality and artistic taste thus becoming a vogue for modern construction and decorations.

The unique feature of spider fitting glass system lies in its flexibility, forming a structure that enables glass to bend under wind pressure. When glass has equal thickness, this installation method helps to install larger area of glass curtain walls than rigid connection.
Advantages of Spider Glass:
1. Large and fully smooth glazed area 2. Doors and windows can be inserted in a spider glass façade 3. Excellent adaptation to local requirements. 4. Full daylight on all sides. 5. Double and single glazing. 6. Good thermal insulation with 16mm airspace in double glazing. 7. A solution to more and more structural needs.
Point Fixing Bolts: These are also known as Routes  Articulated Bolts, Swivel bolts etc. Point Fixing Bolts are of two types: Fixed and Swivel. These can be used for fixing single glazing and/or double glazing of various thicknesses. These Bolts are made in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grade, on special request other grades can also be provided.

Spider: Different shapes, dimensions for a wide variety of specifications are available. Center to center dimensions vary according to the wind load and stress requirements. The shapes in X, H etc are available for different visual impact. Different types of fixing arrangements like fin type, structure fixing types are also available. Spiders are available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grades.
Pressure Pipe: These are also known as tension rod truss. This is used along with tension rods and tension cables and is the main element for the tension rod or tension cable structure. The length, diameter and fixing arrangements are provided as per the requirements of the project specifications. Pressure Pipes are available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grade.
Tension Rod/Cable: Tension cables structures are also known as Wire Rope structures. Tension Rod and tension cable structures are used for giving a very light weight look to the glass Façade. Different diameters are available for different load requirements. Tension rod/Cables are available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grade.
Conditions for use:
1. It is strictly prohibited to use above 320ºC 2. Tension Rods/cables should not be cut or bent while in use. 3. Anti-corrosive measures should be taken when they are used in corrosive environment.
Accessories: Accessories and odd fittings required for the entire structure are also available. Some of these parts are custom designed and made for specific projects. The material used depends on the specific requirements of the project or the application. Some of the parts are Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grade, however MS, Carbon Steel etc is also used for different applications.
Balustrades and Canopies: Balustrades and Canopies in a combination of glass and Stainless Steel have become an integral part of contemporary architectural designs for exterior and interior.
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