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Interior Materials

Kindly note that we are a specialist contractor providing tailored supply & installation services of technical, decorative & engineered products, imported mainly from reputable European manufacturers.

Please take a look at our below range of products and advise on when you and the design team would be available to have a short Meeting to brief you about our products & provide you with samples for your library.

Range of Products:

·         Wooden Acoustics:

       TopAkustik-Switzerland- (  for ceilings & walls cladding /can be veneered/melamine/lacquered with any RAL )

Dukta- flexible wood –SWITZERLAND can be used for curved/Flat cladding to be decorative or acoustic/can be colored to any color/printed and veneered)   (Dukta  Switzerland )

·         Seamless Acoustic plaster:
        Fellert – Sweden-
       (Looks just like regular paint/can be colored to any RAL/ follows any shape & can be applied on concrete slab/gypsum or GRG)

·         Fiber cellulose acoustic spray
        Bowiq – Netherlands - ( a bit industrial appearance + on very good  competitive rates )

·         Stretch ceiling :
Vecta design-Estonia -
( very competitive in terms of price compared to the other brands in the market)

·         External Façade & Interior HPL Paneling :  ( exterior and interior HPL comes in different cores to give more flexibility in installations and budget )
       Fundermax- Austria

·         Interior Decorative Wall Panels
       PLADEC – Portugal

·         Seamless Floorings & Walls:
       Ardex Pandomo – Germany - ( cementitious seamless floorings as well as terrazzo ( epoxy & cement based )
       Cement Design – Spain -  ( cementitious seamless floorings as well as terrazzo)

·         Specialist Coatings and Polished Plaster: ( ability to create any finish /texture & color. Send us a photo  and we will produce a sample for you )
       Optimum – UAE

·         Natural Clay Coatings:  ( 100% natural clay as found in nature/ comes in specific shades & colors )
        ECOCLAY -Spain-

Furthermore, you can find our company profile in

Looking forward hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Nadine El Hayek

Products and Projects Support Engineer

Dubai office                              Abu Dhabi office
Tel:          +971 4 3851797        Tel:          +971 2 6422045
P.O.Box   392093, Dubai         P.O.Box  43700, Abu Dhabi
Mob:       +971 50 8188953

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