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Palmiye Shading Smart System's Profile.

Palmiye Shading Smart System's Profile.


 Dear Sir/Ma'am,


Greetings from Palmiye Emirates!


PALMIYE commenced trading within the construction industry in 1998 and achieved well deserved respect and confidence by successfully constructing the world's largest awning project in Norway in 2002, thereby presenting the brand 'PALMIYE' to the awning and shading sector.


As a progressive innovator, PALMIYE operates with sensitivity, tailoring distinctive and unique products such as variety of shading systems (Motorized Retractable Pergolas, Motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas & Glass range) capable to deliver the multi engineering solutions, whereas the feelings and styles of world's famous architects and designers, are brought to life through our factors, by serving 98 Country all over the world and achieving the following rewards and goals:


Kindly click on the links below to check our complete products range for your kind reference and review.

Pergola Systems  /  Bioclimatic Pergola  /  Awning Systems  / Glass Systems


  • Award winning design with Concealed connections for a perfect display.
  • Long Term Warranty & on time after sales assistance. 
  • Excellent material quality & Increased product strength with specially designed profiles.
  • State of the art production facilities.
  • Huge Capacity and very short production time.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you and Kind Regards,

Harish Chainani

General Manager

Po Box 99071, Dubai, UAE

Tel : +971 4 294 3033

Mob : +971 56 4041150

Click on the link below to download the product catalogues.

Pergola Systems  /  Bioclimatic Pergola  /  Awning Systems  / Glass Systems

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Palmiye Shading Smart Systems | Al Khaimah Building, Deira Dubai


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