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Steel space frames +ETFE membranes -Soccer pitch






*Tensile membranes and Etfe structures :


**We specialize in the tensile membrane fabric and the new technology ETFE fabric which are transparent and used as a better alternative for glass skylights and facades , we represent ( M/s. Tensaform ) whom has a along experience with all types of membranes industry ,inclusive of inhouse engineering, fabrication and installation .





  bina, tren, açık hava, köprü içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu

Khalifa Mall – Abu Dhabi





bina, yol, kule içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu 


                                                                        BURDA MALL – ISTNABUL                                                                                                           






bina, stadyum, tren, geniş içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu













Our company has a great record of executing  space frame projects in the area , we do the design, supply and installation along with all cladding/Glazing custom made to fit the clients requirements , our principals From Turkey (Uzay Construction Systems) have executed within the past 14 years thousands of projects worldwide , with projects in the UAE that includes DUBAI  AIRPORT FREE ZONE BUILDINGS ,DUBAI POLICE HEADQUARTERS ,IMPZ SALES BUILDING ,40 SCHOOLS FOR MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS , ABU DHABI  ENGLISH SCHOOL & AIRPLANE HANGAR AT DUBAI SOUTH .


We use the space frames for different uses such as Airplane hangars, warehouses, school yards, shopping malls ,sports halls and more ,our systems are flexible in design & shapes, trusses can be designed in flat ,arch ,dome or pyramid.


Our structures standard finishes are hot dip galvanizing and powder coating for the steel, we also fabricate the space frames in stainless steel grade 316 or in aluminum as required .




                                                                                                                                                                Airplane Hangar- Dubai Airport







Thanks & regards


Sa’ad Tartir

General  Manager

Mobile : +971 50 6175658




Office : +971 4 2271999

Fax      : +971 4 2284887

P. O. BOX  66635 ,DUBAI , UAE



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