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Carpet Tiles with Universal theme and designs | LEED and IGBC Certified

Welspun Flooring is Asia's largest LEED certified manufacturing facility that creates high-grade flooring using cutting edge technology. Our technologically advanced Carpet Tiles come in a wide range of colour options and patterns to choose from.
We not only specialize in Carpet Tiles but also offer an extensive product range that includes SPC Tiles, Broadloom Carpets, and Artificial Grass available in an array of eclectic designs. A premium flooring solutions company, Welspun Flooring Limited continues to disrupt the flooring industry on a global scale.
Designed For You
We have a huge team of global designers working on various projects based on industry-specific research they conduct. Using world-class technology, we've created designs for households, commercial buildings, educational centers, hospitality industries, elevating every kind of space.
Delivered to You
Our Quick Ship feature strives towards timely product fulfillment, ensuring your interior design plan stays on track.
Drawing inspiration from cultural, urban and natural elements, we've created Carpet Tiles in collections like Nature, Relay, Urbane, Origami, and Wabi Sabi. Choose from a wide range of vivid designs and patterns that set the floor for a productive work environment.
Have your office space looking new for years to come when superior quality and long-term durability is guaranteed with Welspun Flooring Carpet Tiles.
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