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Engisoft is a Dubai based top multidisciplinary BIM / CAD Services Provider serving Contractors, Consultants and Architects in the AEC Sector. We deliver services in all facets of BIM up to LOD 500  including BIM 4d, BIM 5d, BIM 6d & BIM 7d


If you have any requirements in:


•           BIM Services (all disciplines up to LOD 500 including COBie)

•           BIM Staffing (on site & off site) @ 13,000 AED

•           CAD Staffing (All Disciplines) @ 11,000 AED

•           CAD Drafting/Shop Drawings

•           3D Renderings

•           Walkthrough animation


We are interested to add value to your company by offering Engineering Services at the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE in the market with Premium quality of work based in Dubai.


Please download our Company Profile (GET MOST COMPETITIVE QUOTE NOW)


Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Thank you


Warm Regards,


Salih Nasser | Sales & Business Development Officer |  T +971 43209277  |  M +971-529822100


Engisoft Dubai | Suite 804, Park Avenue Tower | Dubai Silicon Oasis | P.O. Box 371279 | Dubai | UAE

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