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Theming engineering, design and production

 THEMRISE : Theming engineering, design and production

It is a pleasure for us to present to you THEMRISE.

With more than sixteen years of experience, and many projects executed around the world by our Team, we want to offer you a one stop shop for theming design, engineering, production, installation and commissioning.

Turnkey Projects, no subcontracting, quality control and pre-build service, are some of our identity signs, guaranteeing that your project will be managed in detail, with the highest standards and on time.

You can find a link with a complete Company Profile presentation, with more detail about our expertise in different kinds of projects, for most of the main companies in the leisure industry , and the complete process that THEMRISE Team follows, to produce and deliver successful projects.

We love this job, and in the same way we are completely involved in the success of our customers' projects, please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us, if you consider that we can support you with our services, we will be really glad to hear your request.
Atalayas Business Center Crr. Condomina 3, 8A
30006 Murcia (Spain) T. +34 669 70 30 70
Conference: 27-30 Sept.     Trade Show: 28-30 Sept.   2021
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