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Waterfall and Human Diver Sculpture in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Waterfall is one of the most interesting works of art you can see in Dubai. Due to its size, it does not go unnoticed by visitors to the Dubai Mall, but few know its history and its significance.

Some interesting facts about Dubai Mall Waterfall
The Dubai Mall Waterfall, also known as Human Waterfall, or more simply as Dubai Waterfall, is a spectacular fountain that resembles a waterfall, adorned with a series of sculptures of human divers, which return an incredible sense of dynamism and realism to the rhythmic flow of the water.

The Dubai Mall Waterfall was installed in 2009, and was designed by Singapore-based architectural firm DP Architects, who also designed the entire Dubai Mall.

The waterfall is four stories high, and runs through the full height of the Dubai Mall. It has a circular shape, with a diameter of over 30 meters.

The divers, are sculptures made of fiberglass, and give a mysterious and intriguing aspect to the fountain. They represent men diving along the flowing water, in a gesture that almost seems to express their freedom.

The Dubai Waterfall is today one of the best known and fascinating landmarks for visitors to the Dubai Mall, and one of the most photographed. It is located along the path to the world famous Dubai Fountain, the spectacular dancing fountain located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

Locals often hang out here, as it is a fairly popular and easy-to-reach meeting point inside the Dubai Mall.


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