Jenni AI, Don't let your content write itself

It's a short story about Knight Capital Group LLC ("Knight"). They were a leading financial market maker worth over 1.5 billion at their height. 

They were renowned for their high-frequency trading algorithms...basically, they had computers do a bunch of trades that made them a bunch of money. 

One day, Knight Capital Group had an unfortunate bug in their algorithm. The computer began selling low and buying high. The exact opposite actions most traders want to take. 

The computer only ran for 45 minutes but in that short amount of time, the computer had executed 4 million trades.

Knight Capital lost 450 million dollars in less than an hour. 

After this colossal mistake, their stock price plunged 75%. Knight Capital, which was once a titan in the financial world, had to merge with their competitor just to avoid going out of business. 

This cautionary tale is a small taste of what happens when technology is unsupervised. 

We have been seeing a rise of AI content writing tools in the market, and they genuinely seem to only be interested in generating more and more. They care little about context, factual content, and the craft of writing. 

Don't let your content write itself, the world is better off when humans and AI work in tandem to create great content together. 


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